About the Artist

Finding meaning, defining self and life within systems, and looking for transcendence is what motivates my work.

The Universal Blanket is being created to tie us closer to our human family heirloom of the universal environment which is a transcendental experience of humanity. With the materiality of a blanket, it invokes the differing place and time of each patch, it conjures the  comfort that accompanies such an item, and imbues the preciousness of a family-made and passed down quilt.

I’m a conceptual artist who follows in a mixture of practices. Joseph Beuys’ materiality and conceptual practices, Marina Abramovic’s concepts of presence and performance, and Ai Weiwei’s sense of materiality and social focus all influence my work and process.

I’ve worked several different mediums and practices, ranging from human bacteria to wood, photography, plants, video and performance, and allow my message to decide the medium and means for my artwork.

To see some of my other work, visit my website.


Best of luck to us all out here,

Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo